U.S Senator

Andre, Thank you for speaking up during our meeting in Senator Bond's office. Your comment about "being salt" in the Palestinian community was a wonderful way of describing the value the Christian community brings to any community. I am certain that the Lord has you in a wonderful place and for that you are blessed to be in the middle of the current conflict.
God bless you.

James Pitchford
Senate Office Building, WASHINGTON DC 20510



Norway had the pleasure of working with Andre Mobarak 10 days in spring 2004. Andre is extremely well-informed in all kinds of matters conserning the history and archeology of Israel and Jerusalem. He is good at transferring his knowledge to others. Andre is service-minded, flexible and polite and was able to help us out of smaller and bigger challenges during our production-period. I hereby highly recommend Andre as a resourseful guide or assistant to anyone.


Camilla Pettersen
Production Manager, TV INTER Norway



Rice University

Your unique approach of bringing into context the various religious aspects of those location was enlightening. Of special interest was your archeological insight regarding the sites for the original Jebusite city and the crucifixion and burial sites of Jesus. Moreover, your depth of knowledge coupled with your humble devotion to Jesus Christ made our day with you forever memorable. Many thanks and God bless.


James M. Tour, Phd

Paulo Coelho

Dear Andre,
May love always be your guide in every moment of your life.
Paulo Coelho