Terms & Conditions - Release Agreement

Twins Tours & Travel Ltd. does not assume responsibility or liability for any damages, injuries or lost baggage that may occur for any reason during or as a result of any Excursion in Israel / Jordan / West Bank as Bethlehem or Nablus or  Palestinian Territories. 

Twins Tours & Travel Ltd. is not responsible for any negligent behaviour, omission or failure to act on the part of any church group or Individual  for Activity/Activities that could involve certain risks like injuries, hospitalization or possible death.

Customer assumes 100% of the risk of participating in each Tour and agrees that it will not bring any type of action against Twins Tours & Travel Ltd. For any injury or damage that occurs in connection with the planning, selection or operation of any church or tour group. To the full extent permitted by law, and in consideration of being allowed to participate in the Excursion, Customer releases Twins Tours & Travel Ltd. and its agents, representatives, employees, directors and officers, and waives any rights it may have against said parties for damages or claims arising from or in any way connected with Customer’s participation in all the Tours.

Twins Tours & Travel Ltd. program itinerary and Activity / Activities are subject to
change in accordance with sociopolitical situations, vehicle traffic, changes in
opening and closing hours of the host site, and other factors beyond the control
of the Agency. I agree to release the Agency from any such claims associated
with changes or variations in the proposed itinerary.

Finally Twins Tours & Travel Ltd. can use photos or videos of clients in promotional materials taken during an Activity/Activities under the direction of the Agency. And all Participants agree to receive promotional e-mails from the Agency unless they inform us directly by phone or written on e-mail.

Twins Tours & Travel Clients have carefully read and reviewed this Terms and conditions and Release Agreement and understand it fully, and execute it voluntarily.

Thank you

Twins Tours & Travel Managment