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​Twins Tours & Travel . . .

Specializes in building customized tour packages to the Holy Land, allowing travelers to explore the Land where Jesus once walked and experience the Bible's living history first-hand.  As we retrace the path of the patriarchs and walk in the footsteps of Jesus, it is our aim that every traveler gains greater insight into the Scriptures and a new understanding of the Land where Judaism and Christianity were born.   


Experience the Holy Land with . . . 


Biblical Teaching


Service Projects



Types of Tours 


  • Biblical Study Tours

  • Pilgrimage Tours

  • Themed Tours

  • Service & Volunteer Projects

  • Intercessory Prayer Journeys

  • Personally Customized & Specialized Tours

  • Conferences & Concerts



Meet Andre
& Marie

Andre and Marie Moubarak, have a combined 25 years in the tourism industry.  Andre is an indigenous Christians with multi-generational roots in the Holy Land, grew up in the Christian Quarter of the Old City, home to the Via Dolorosa, the path which Jesus took on His walk to the cross.  


Naturally inspired by his early exposure to Christian Holy sites and their fascination with the ancient history of Jerusalem and the life of Jesus, Andre became a licensed tour guides and ultimately founded Twins Tours & Travel.  


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Student Group Tour
Student Group Tour

From the ends of the earth to Jerusalem

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Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone

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