Frequently Asked Questions


On this page, you will find answers and advices to the most common questions from our customers and also some suggestions for your trip.


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What documents and visas are required for travel?

Valid passport for the duration of your trip. Better if it is valid minimum 6 months after the date of stay.
A large majority of countries under international agreements do not require "prior approval" to enter Israel. Directly at the airport in Tel Aviv, you can get the "Tourist Visa". In some cases, it may require a visa. Please refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, or our representatives.

Similarly, some countries need a Transit Visa to make flight connections in Europe. Please check with the embassy of the country where travel will stop.


Departing from your Airport

You should be at the airport 3 (three) hours prior to the departure of your flight for customs and security.

• Boarding / Baggage

At the airport, you will need to have your ticketing information, passport and luggage to check in.   You will receive a receipt for your baggage and a boarding pass for your flight.  Please keep these documents until you receive your luggage upon arrival in Israel.  Should you experience any loss or delay, etc., you will need the documents for claims.  

• Size and weight of luggage
Always check directly wtih the airline you are traveling on for weight and dimensions for luggage.  In general, most airlines allow one (1) bag standart size up to 23 kilos. If you exceed this weight, you must pay excess baggage charges.  Also one carry-on, weighing approximately 8 kilos. 
We recommend traveling "light" as most travelers usually buy gifts for their families which adds to their luggage weight for their return trip home.

• Forbidden  Items:

For security reasons, it is prohibited to carry on aircraft objects such as scissors, knives and all sorts of sharp objects. Please put these items in the luggage you will check on the airplane, not on your carry-ons.
In addition, you may not bring the following:  
Explosives, ammunition, fireworks, flares, material shipments, security briefcases with pyrotechnics and fireworks in general). • Gases compressed, liquefied, refrigerated liquefied or dissolved, and are flammable, toxic, or flammable, non-toxic, such as aerosols, fire extinguishers, breathing apparatus, oxygen bottles for diving, cryogenic fluids, refrigerants and bottles general cylinders • Flammable liquids and solids such as fuel, or fuel equipment (camping equipment, filming, etc.), adhesives, solvents, paints, varnishes, torches, matches, lighters and flammable substances in general well being • combustion autoreactive or oxidising materials and organic peroxides, such as oxygen generators. • Toxic or infectious substances, such as disabling devices, diagnostic samples, vaccines, insecticides and herbicides. • Radioactive material, such as pharmaceuticals with radioactive isotopes • Corrosives such as acids, alkalis, mercury devices, storage batteries and battery-powered devices electrically. • Other dangerous items such as first aid kits, ferromagnetic material, dry ice, and car batteries.​

​• Immigration and Customs

Israel automatically gives a three month tourist visa to people traveling from western countries.  You will receive paperwork in-flight to fill out for this.  

• Permits for minors
All children under 18 traveling alone must carry the usually parental permission to leave the country.  This is organized with the airline.   If traveling with her parents (both) the same must prove paternity exhibiting the birth certificate or marriage license. You should consult your trusted scribe about proper preparation of the same ..


Returning home - flying out Ben Gurion Airport
Security systems at Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv), recently awarded as the best airport in the Middle East, are very efficient.   All agents speak English fluently.  
As part of routine checks, Where are you going?, Who travels?, Do you have relatives or know someone in Israel?, What is the purpose of your trip? How many days you plan to stay in the country?, Etc., Etc.
In any case you should respond with naturalness and truth to every question that is required and follow all pocesos lso as may be prescribed.
At all times, our team will be waiting in the area of ​​"Arrivals" and also the group leader is our contact for any further information required ..


Make sure you have in your possession with medication that usually would need. The medicines / remedies in Israel and / or Europe are sold by prescription only a modest professional locally approved. Only aspirin and the like can be achieved without prescription. Please see section "The Traveler Security Assistance".

​• Special Services - Disabled - Special Diets​
For disabled people - as in the case of needing a wheelchair transfer-, and also you must notify the airline. Also in case of need during the trip some kind of special diet (no salt, diabetic, celiac, etc..) Asked us notifiquepor advance ordering akin to the hotels at the time of hiring the tour package .



Medical/ Travel Assistance  (kind of  "ASSIST CARD")

Most groups often hire this type of traveller insurance Travel Assistance type "Assist Card" which generally manages your agency when you buy your flight ticket. If not, please communicate it to one of the coordinators of the trip.

We strongly suggest this Travel Assistance. Usually is cheap and well appreciated when it is needed.​​​

Failure to have such insurance, any expenses that infringes on these areas would be at your own risk. In Israel the health system is very advanced technologically to many countries, but also, quite expensive.

If use of such insurance, the procedure to be performed is as follows: Assist Card must call the numbers listed on the voucher for collect calls and wait for the company to provide instructions for its assistance. Remember that the call should have your voucher with the policy number, the name of your hotel and your room number. If you ought to incur expenses were covered by Assist Card but you ought to pay for your account, you must retain proof of payment in order to make the claim the amount in their home country when you return.