One Friday in Jerusalem

Andre Moubarak was raised along the Via Dolorosa – the traditional route of Jesus carrying the cross through the ancient streets of Jerusalem to Calvary/Golgotha.  Andre’s home was near Station # 8 of the sorrowful prayer route and this deeply impacted his identity and destiny.  As a young happy kid, with his identical twin brother, he played hide and seek and helped lost tourists to find their destination in the Christian Quarter of the Old City. 


Andre and his twin brother Tony became licensed tour guides of Israel and gradually they expanded to open a travel agency named Twins Tours.  It is a Christian business which boldly promotes the Gospel in the Holy Land, and partners with local ministries. 

Andre and his wife Marie travel and minister abroad to prepare groups for life changing tour experiences in Israel.  Hopefully they can come visit your church in the future.


In addition to Andre’s testimony, this DVD includes two hours of in-depth Biblical teachings in their original context, on site from Israel.


  1. My Testimony                      6. Jaffa

  2. Introduction                        7. Jordan River

  3. Cana                                  8. Nazareth

  4. Capernaum                         9. Via Dolorosa

  5. Jesus Childhood                  10. Sermon on the mount                    




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