Twins Tours was founded in 2006 by Andre and Tony Moubarak who are identical twins.  They grew up together in the Old City of Jerusalem, both learning about the history of this amazing land with it as their backyard.


In 2014, Andre and his wife, Marie, began managing Twins Tours, Marie bringing her own skillset to the team.  Tony continues in association with Twins Tours as a guide, focusing on teaching and guiding groups.  


Andre and Marie Moubarak have a combined total of 25 years in the tourism industry. Married for 8 years, their relationship blends together the East & the West.


Andre is a licensed tour guide, tour operator and a gifted Bible teacher. His teaching strengthens the faith of tour participants by offering new revelation into Scripture and causing the stories of the Bible to come alive. As an indigenous Christian from the Old City of Jerusalem, Andre’s passion is to connect visitors with both the ancient and the modern, while focusing on what God is doing today throughout the Holy Land and within the local believing community.


Marie is the Director of Program & Partnership Development, and she has a heart to see visitors and pilgrims encounter the land and the people of Israel in a meaningful, integrity-filled way. She is skilled and discerning at listening to a group’s goals and vision and translating that into a customized tour which will meet and exceed their expectations. Initially an American tourist, Marie returned to Israel as a volunteer and ultimately married Andre. Together in Jerusalem, they manage and operate Twins Tours & Travel through which they endeavor to cultivate long-term relationships and partnerships for the Kingdom of Heaven.


Twins Tours & Travel extraordinary customer retention rate is a testimony to both Marie and Andre’s expertise, commitment to excellency and customer service, and prayerful care for each tour participant.